Angela Perrin

After an early career as a physiotherapist my life took a more artistic direction when I discovered the joys of watercolour painting. From this point, and largely self-taught, I have continued to develop and explore a personal style that investigates and depicts the English landscape both locally in East Sussex and along the wild coastline of North Cornwall.

After initially exploring watercolour techniques in their traditional form I am now immersed in the development of using pure watercolour pigments on canvas, this has given my work a new and more contemporary dynamic, taking it from a representative stance into something more impressionistic and open to the viewers’ interpretation. The technique itself enhances fluidity, is excitingly adaptable and permits multiple glazes to be used.

Angela Perrin in the studio

Angela Perrin in her studio

For me painting is like a journey into the unknown. Well thought out plans can often be forgotten as the painting progresses and the media itself leads the way into new and exciting territory. The depiction of light and colour in the natural world is an intrinsic part of my creative process and I spend many hours building up layers of colour through washes and glazes. I am particularly drawn to the atmospheric light that permeates the land at the beginning and end of the day; times when the world becomes less vivid and more mysterious. I look too for the rich and varied colour combinations manifested in natural forms which lend themselves beautifully to the endless possibilities and fluidity of the watercolour media. I explore how light in its countless forms creates emotional atmospheres in landscapes and seascapes both intimate and panoramic.

Over the years I have exhibited in many galleries and shows. In 2014 I became the cofounder of the successful Chalk Gallery, a cooperative of local artists in Lewes where I exhibited for many years.